i was an orphan this thanksgiving. with parents that moved across the country last year, local friends that went east, south and north for the holiday, and little desire to battle the mass exodus to join friends and second-family in my native southern california, i decided to stay put. and just let go of any expectations of actually consuming turkey, mashed potatoes, or pumpkin pie on thanksgiving day. or even having people to share dinner with. not ideal, but really, would of been fine….enter the Starrett’s.  i accepted the invitation to tag along for dinner with their friends over in the east bay. there were around 20 people – a great mix of friends, young couples, family, and neighbors, complimented by a number of little ones.the day was so great. the weather, the company, the food, …just top it off, i stopped by laura’s for (a second) dessert with her friend, jay, and both their families. after some great conversation, good wine, and a little grey’s anatomy, i went home full – so thankful for being in this wonderful city surrounded by such amazing people.  it was awesome.thank you!!


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