i actually wrote this a while ago, think it was from my original myspace “about me.” it’ll be a placeholder for now…

grew up in sheltered suburbia north of LA, although i’ll declare rightful residence to the ventura county side :). college was a comprable bubble, but the perfect place for me at the time (my eyes would be widened soon enough).

and, as an educated, respectable, in-debt, private collegiate graduate, (tadah!) mom…dad, “i got a job at a sporting goods store and brewery, and taking a backcountry first aid class!” (i’m lucky my parents are cool)…but, series of events, 15 w-2’s, a crazy eclectic mix of work and personal experience, the decision to move north for a change of scenery, lots of great people along the way, and fast forward a few years to here and now…wouldn’t change a thing. love it. and keeps getting better…

[the magic moment is that in which a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ may change the whole of our existence… ~paolo coehlo]


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